The MTGO tournament you will love

ManaTraders Series

The Manatraders Series is the largest payout tournament on MTGO, with a $15'000 prize pool each month, 12 months a year.

There is no entry fee, ManaTraders Series is free and will always be free! Anyone can join, no affiliation with ManaTraders is required - you just need an MTGO account and your skills.

Registration available June 1
  • $15,000 monthly payout*
  • Free entry
  • Open to all, even non-ManaTraders users
  • Top 256 receive prizes
  • 10x prize multiplier for ManaTraders users
  • Different format every month

* Payout table is based on ManaTraders subscriber bonus of 10x, overall payout could be less if non-subscribers win.


The Manatraders Series are Constructed-formats, spanning from Standard to Vintage. Every month there will be a new format.

The tournament consists of 3 phases:

  • PRELIMINARY (1st - 3rd weeks of the month)
    Registered tournament players will play a minimum of 10 games against other users. There is no maximum on the number of games you play during the Preliminary phase.
    All users with a 60% win rate at the end of this phase will move to Swiss.
  • SWISS (Saturday of the 4th week)
    Users will play 6 rounds of swiss. The TOP8 players will advance to the final phase.
  • TOP8 (Sunday of the 4th week)
    The TOP8 players will play in a single-elimination tournament.


Make top 256 and enjoy one of the following prizes.

  • Different format every month
  • Open to all players


Do I need a ManaTraders subscription plan to register?

No, you don't! Just register on, complete the verification process and you are ready to go. We will give you a Free plan. However, please note that ManaTraders subscribers get a bonus up to 1000% [see "Prize pool" above], and subscribers will get automatic wins with months of loyalty.

How do I get paid if I win?

We deposit the money to your cashable wallet, and you can choose your method of withdrawing (Paypal, Bank Transfer).

What is the tournament format?

Each month we will select a constructed format: Standard, Pioneer, Modern, Legacy, or Vintage.

Where do I play?

You will play in the MTGO constructed play lobby. If you are new to MTGO, the system will tell you the exact room and will provide a step by step guide to join the room and challenge your opponent.

What happens if my opponent never shows for a match?

In phase one (preliminary) matches only count if a match has started. In phase two and three users must be online and ready to play at a certain time, failure to do so will result in a loss. Phases two and three are monitored by a tournament director.

How do I qualify for the multiplier?

To qualify for the multiplier, you would need to maintain a subscription from the time of registration through the date of payout.

Do I need to rent a deck from ManaTraders to play?

No, you don't! You can play with your own deck, your deck plus some rented cards, or a fully rented deck.

What is a non-cashable wallet credit?

This credit can be used to purchase ManaTraders rental subscriptions or paper rentals. This credit can not be cashed out to your payment method.

How do I join the tournament and play the matches?

You access the tournament from a dedicated page in your dashboard. In the preliminary phase, just click the "play now" button and wait for the system to find an opponent.

The swiss and in the top-8 phases are accessed through the tournament page in your dashboard, but you will play at a specific given date and time.

How do I qualify for the final event?

You must play 10 games minimum against other registered users during Preliminary phase.. if you have a 60% win ratio then you qualify.

10 matches are the minimum, however, you may play more as well!

What if the system does not find an opponent?

Towards the end of the preliminary phases, the system may not be able to find an opponent. In this case, please retry. We will display the best datetimes to show and look for an opponent.