ManaTraders Series Terms of Service

Tournament structure

The tournament starts at the beginning of each month with a two week qualifier league where players will enter a queue system to play out 10+ matches on MTGO to acquire a win rate that will qualify them for the Swiss rounds + Top8. More details on the requisite win rates can be seen below:

  • At least 6 matches: 100% win percentage
  • 10 - 19 matches: 70% win percentage
  • 20 - 29 matches: 65% win percentage
  • 30+ matches: 55% win percentage

The queue for the qualifier league is open from 12 pm to 12 am Eastern time.

The Swiss portion of the tournament adapts an “open decklist” system - all decks are public. To participate in the swiss portion you are required to upload your chosen decklist no later than 4 pm Eastern time on the Friday preceding the tournament. Failure to do so will result in exclusion from the swiss.


Specific prizes that can be won in either part of the tournament are listed in the “Rules” tab of your ManaTraders account. There is a 10x multiplier for subscribed users. The criteria for the prize bonus are as follows: each month, there is a period of time between the beginning of the first match played in the Qualifier league and the end of top8. If in the entirety of that period of time a player has a paid subscription running without any lapses or pauses such as the vacation mode, they are eligible for the prize multiplier.

In the event that a player is not eligible for the prize multiplier, the prize is not transferred to other players in any way.

Prizes won in the tournament will be deposited in the winners’ ManaTraders Wallet in up to 5 days after the end of the top8 portion, from which they can be cashed out, or used to pay for the service.

Players can split prizes in the top8, however ManaTraders will not facilitate the split or intervene in any disputes that might arise due to split agreements not being honored.


All cash and credit payout will be deposited to winners ManaTraders wallet on the following Friday after the monthly series ends. Wallets can be cashed out at users leisure up to $400 a day.


Manatraders does not facilitate splits. If make an agreement with another you are taking the risk of the spit. Splits are a private agreement between players.


To play in the tournament, a ManaTraders subscription of any level (including the Free one) is necessary. The subscribing process contains a short verification part, during which some information will be requested in order to utilize this service, which may include pictures of ID, proof of residency, government issued identification, phone verification, and/or any supplemental request from ManaTraders. After this step is completed, a player can start participating in the tournament in the “Series” tab of their account (displayed as the current month and year, ie. “October 2021”), no other actions or entry fee is required.

MTGO errors

In case of a MTGO-specific error occuring during the course of a match (such as an incorrect interaction between cards, or a disconnection), ManaTraders will not adjudicate the issue - the result of the game will stand regardless of any software defects that might have occurred. In cases of purposeful usage of a widely known exploit further action such as exclusion from the series may be taken.

Inappropriate behavior

Any reports of inappropriate behavior in series matches including but not limited to sending toxic messages via the MTGO chat, win-trading or bribery will result in an immediate 1 year ban from the series. We ask that anyone encountering such behavior contacts us in the Livechat to report it, along with evidence such as screenshots.

ManaTraders Series app

All players participating in the swiss are required to run our coverage app - it can be downloaded here: . Its only function is to obtain MTGO logs in real time which allows us to display both players’ hands on coverage. If you see the app icon in the tray, it means it is running correctly. Using the app during the swiss portion of the tournament is mandatory, and failure to do so will result in exclusion from the tournament.