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Rent unlimited decks and cards at your leisure for one monthly price.

Borrow the cards for any deck anytime, swap them out for a new, different deck when you are ready to try something new.

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Cross rental is here, Play all the paper and/or MTGO decks you desire for one monthly price. This package allows you to start with higher rental limits and more playing time.

Test unlimitedly on MTGO and then get the same deck deliveried to your door for the next big event.

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Rent MTG cards for your next event. Build your own deck or choose from a top performing deck and have it delivered to your home or to the event you are attending.

Playing paper Magic has never been so affordable, fast and simple.

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Explore, playtest, battle

With ManaTraders you can easily rent both MTGO and MTG Decks.

Play in MTGO, explore different Decks and strategies, test your combo and fine tune your game.

Then, receive the same MTG Deck at your home or pick it up at a Tournament, and battle your way to the victory!

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Buy or sell MTGO Event tickets.

Our system is fully automated. Get your tickets immediately after you buy and get paid instantly after selling your tickets.

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Sell your collection for cash! Instant payment!

Purchase cards, decks, or full redemption sets with PayPal.

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We offer very competitive prices and stock all Format staples.

Search Manatraders in the classifieds.

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Manatraders, your one stop shop

Trade Tixs with our fully automatic system, buy cards or sell your collection, check the cards prices.

With ManaTraders you have all the services you need to play MTG ;)

Be a better Magic: The Gathering® player!

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